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I have more than 12 years of experience as an independent and personal financial and investment consultant. I used to run a financial blog called BuylikeBuffett which provided insight on investing, saving, money management, and all things finance. I am also the author of Your Financial Playbook: A Guide To Navigating The World Of Personal Finance a financial guide written to inform the beginning investor about the basics of the market. I decided to start a new site because I receive a great number of questions about financial topics on a daily basis. I figure that this would be a great way to answer those questions and increase financial literacy. I also figured it would be a good platform to write articles on everything from teaching how to get rich, explaining the basics of cryptocurrency, to detailing ways of rebuilding your credit score. I was the founder and president of New Horizons Financial Management, LLC, and was a registered investment advisor. New Horizons was an independent investment advisory asset management and personal financial consulting firm offering investment advisory services to high net worth individuals.

I have offered market commentary and written a plethora of financial education articles and been featured on numerous publications including:

  • Forbes
  • Black Enterprise
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • TheGlobeAndMail.com
  • Yahoo
  • New York Daily News
  • Google Finance
  • Investopedia
  • Minyanville
  • Business Insider
  • Baltimore and Washington Metropolitan Newspapers

My articles focused on providing information to readers about investing, careers, mortgages, taxes, real estate, entrepreneurship, and the economy. 

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